Ostracon Deir el-Medina 1213 (Ramesside Period)

Another spell of catching a scorpion and of holding its mouth (sting) and not allowing it to bite (sting). Stand (against) the scorpion! I <will> shut and seal its mouth. If they do not stand and listen (to) my words, I <will> cut off the 78 heads which are upon the Great God who lies down […] I will chop off Horus’ hand, I will blind Seth’s eye, I will hold shut the mouth of the great Ennead, I will [set] fire [to] Busiris, I will burn Osiris, and [I will overturn] the burial which rests in the great […] Stand [… stan]d like Seth stands […] Ptah.

Own translation from Posener, G. (1951-72), Catalogue des ostraca hiératiques littéraires de Deir el Médineh II, Cairo: IFAO, 28, pl. 48 and 48a, and Borghouts, J. F. (1978), Ancient Egyptian Magical Texts, Leiden: Brill, 76.

Colledge, S. L. (2015), The Process of Cursing in Ancient Egypt. PhD thesis. University of Liverpool. Available at: https://www.academia.edu/29127849/The_Process_of_Cursing_in_Ancient_Egypt (Accessed: 19/2/17)


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