Tomb of Khety (Herakleopolitan Period at Siut)

As for any dissident or any ignorant who will overturn (the tomb endowment) after this which he has heard, [his] name will not exist, [he will not] be buried in the necropolis, he will be cooked together with criminals, who the god has planted obstacles against, [his] local god rejects him, and his town rejects him.

Own translation from Griffith, F. Ll. (1889), The Inscriptions of Siût and Dêr Rîfeh, London: Trubner, and Edel, E. (1984), Die Inschriften der Grabfronten der Siut-Gráber in Mittelägypten aus der Herakleopolitenzeit, Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag.

Colledge, S. L. (2015), The Process of Cursing in Ancient Egypt. PhD thesis. University of Liverpool. Available at: (Accessed: 19/2/17)


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