Ostracon Deir el-Medina 1057

Hail to you, Re-Horakhty, father of the gods! Hail to you, the seven Hathors who are adorned in ribbons of bright red linen! Hail to you, all the gods of the sky and the earth! Come, so that so-and-so born of so-and-so will come after me like a cow after pasture, like a maidservant after her children, like a herdsman after his herd. If they fail to make her come after me, I <will> set [fire to Bu]siris and I will burn <Osiris>.

Own translation from Posener, G. (1938), Catalogue des ostraca hiératiques littéraires de Deir el Médineh I, Cairo: IFAO, 15, pl 31 and 31a and Smither, P. (1941), ‘A Ramesside Love Charm’, JEA 27, 131-132.

Colledge, S. L. (2015), The Process of Cursing in Ancient Egypt. PhD thesis. University of Liverpool. Available at: https://www.academia.edu/29127849/The_Process_of_Cursing_in_Ancient_Egypt (Accessed: 19/2/17)


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