Papyrus Chester Beatty VII AKA BM EA 10687 (19th Dynasty)

A mouth against a mouth, a tooth against a tooth, Re, [ward off] the venom! The scorpion which I have made with clay, a replica of turquoise which I have put [on…]… of hdn plants so I (can) release the difficulties of the body. Come to me when (this) speech is with [me]: “I am Horus who made you! You will depart, scorpion!”

Own translation from Gardiner, A. H. (1935), Hieratic Papyri in the British Museum. Third Series. Chester Beatty Gift, London: British Museum Press, pl 35 and Borghouts, J. F. (1978), Ancient Egyptian Magical Texts, Leiden: Brill, 72.

Colledge, S. L. (2015), The Process of Cursing in Ancient Egypt. PhD thesis. University of Liverpool. Available at: 19/2/17)


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