Papyrus Bremner Rhind – BM EA 10188 (Ptolemaic Period at Deir el-Medina)

Spell of binding Apophis

Recitation: Bind the bound ones! Bind Apophis, that enemy of Re! You are not to know what is done to you, Apophis. Turn back, you, testimony is against you. The one who retreats in his moment, he damages himself when his throat inhales. Take heed, bound one! You are bound by Horus, you are tied up by Re, you will not become erect, you will not ejaculate, you will not be far from under his fingers, you are hurt by Re, you are tied up by Horus who is in Mekhentyirty.

Own translation from Faulkner, R. O. (1933), The Papyrus Bremner-Rhind (British Museum No. 10188), Bruxelles: Fondation Égyptologique Reine Élisabeth and Faulkner, R. O. (1937), ‘The Bremner-Rhind Papyrus III: D. The Book of Overthrowing aApep’, JEA 23, 166-185.

Colledge, S. L. (2015), The Process of Cursing in Ancient Egypt. PhD thesis. University of Liverpool. Available at: 19/2/17)


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